(1) 4 Button 2-way transmitter
(1) 4 Button 1-way transmitter

Remote Engine Start

Keyless Entry

Engine Immobiliser

Boot Release*

125dB Weatherproof siren

Anti-Hijack mode

Silent Arm/Disarm (Programmable)

Panic Alarm

Automatic Re-arm/Re-lock

Turbo Timer

Progressive Car Finder

Dual Stage Shock Sensor

(5) Auxiliary Output

Up To 750m Operating Range

Limited Lifetime Warranty*

Code Alarm

Model: caSECRS-ca2LED5

Please contact us today to see which remote start alarm system is best suited for your vehicle.

Code Alarm CA2LED5

Secure Your Vehicle

Code Alarm Remote Start Keyless Entry and Security System

A press of a button can start your vehicle from inside your house or office to warm up your engine, warm up your vehicle in winter or cool down your vehicle in summer's sweltering heat.

Owners Manual
Code Alarm CASECRS

Small and Compact

Protecting Your Valuables

Code Alarm's caSECRS keyless entry, remote start and security system with ca2LED5 remote kit with a 2-way LED transmitter and a 1-way transmitter not only allows you to remote start your vehicle, it also protects your car and its contents with an impact sensor and more, and gives you the convenience of remote door locking. The dual-stage shock sensor system's siren chirps a warning with the first impact, then goes off full blast if the intrusion continues.


Model: CAGBS

Glass Breakage Sensor

Provides protection against entry to the vehicle when the security system is armed by detecting the breaking of vehicle glass. The remote microphone is designed to analyze the frequency of breaking glass to eliminate false trigger conditions.

Model: DUB1

Tilt Sensor

Self leveling digital tilt sensor automatically adjusts itself based on the position of the vehicle.

Model: MV3

Dual Zone Microwave Sensor

The most reliable vehicle intrusion sensor on the market today. Detects moving objects within the vehicle using a unique RF technology. Ideal for convertibles.